Client: The Felix Project

Project: Branding & Website

We've been working with The Felix Project since day one - we created their initial branding and first website. In just 12 months, Felix grew from a startup charity to a large organisation working all over the capital. Their branding hadn't been able to keep up and needed some attention.


We revisited and refined their brand to reflect what they'd become - more urban and sophisticated. Their rapid growth saw them dealing with a range of household names daily, so the branding needed to exude the confidence to maintain that growth.

The result is a simple and elegant logo, an expanded palette of colours, improved typography and some stricter brand guidelines. Consistent brand delivery across multiple channels now gives them visual professionalism and a platform to continue their incredible growth.

We also improved their website to bring it in line with these brand updates. Bright colours, a more distinct hierarchy of information and better typography are simple changes that have made a big difference. The site is easier to use, messaging is improved, and user engagement has increased significantly.