University College, Oxford

The Martlet Magazine

We have recently collaborated with Univ to completely redesign the latest issue of The Martlet magazine, University College’s biannual publication. Issue 7 (Autumn 2017), is a major revamp of the publication and has all the latest news, events, features and articles relating to the college and its alumni.

B&M has been involved with the project from it’s conceptual origins, even developing ideas for the title of the publication. We provided input into the look, feel and tone of the magazine, evolving the concepts into the finished article that has been very well received by old members of the college.

We not only design and artwork each issue, but also print the publication and distribute it to alumni all over the world.

The new design has been created to appeal to a wider audience and engage both young and old members. The new look is quite a departure from the old style with a focus on feeling more like a magazine than a newsletter, a liberal use of graphics, modern typography and more white space. The uncoated stock that it is now printed on provides a very tactile and contemporary feel.